Winnipeg Table Hockey League *Founded in 1989*

Tony Capizzi is victorious over Darian Boyce in the 2016 WTHL Heritage Classic... Sal Capizzi, representing Team Europe, captures the WTHL WCH2016 Cup... The WTHL All Star game returns after 21 years with the West represented by Antonio Capizzi, Mike Capizzi and Dan Bauer victorious over the East who was represented by Jeff Langelier, Brian Clement and Jay Cesmystruk...

The Winnipeg Table Hockey League (WTHL) is a non-profit league comprised of table hockey players and enthusiasts residing in Winnipeg. Coleco Table Hockey is the original game of the WTHL. Games are also played on the Benej, Super Chexx, Stiga, Munro, NHL Ice FX, CAPIZZI Table Hockey, Irwin Power Play 2, Carleco, Gretzky's Overtime, Sportcraft, Regent-Halex, Cresta and Eagle tables as well. We believe that a player’s ability should not be judged on any one specific game but on the overall performance on various table hockey games. Various tournaments are played throughout the year. Since not all the teams play the same number of games, the champion is determined by the player who has the highest winning percentage at the end of the season.

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December 3/2016
The first ever WTHL Heritage Classic, which was played on a 1965 Eagle NHL Power Play Hockey H-120, took place with original member Tony Capizzi defeating newest member Darian Boyce 6-0. Click on the logo below for more information. In other news, the 3rd stop of the 2016 WTHL Tour had Sal Capizzi, representing Team Europe, defeating Mike Capizzi who represented Team USA in the finals of the WTHL WCH2016 while Tony Capizzi representing Team Sweden captured 3rd place. More information can be found by clicking on the tournament logo. With the tournament victory, Sal Capizzi continues to sit on top of the 2016 WTHL Standings.

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