WTHL Center
APRIL 22, 2018

WTHL Challenge Cup Sponsors

Each year the Winnipeg Table Hockey League (WTHL) with assistance of their sponsors try to do their small part in the fight against cancer and put on the annual WTHL Challenge Cup tournament with 100% of the proceeds going towards Manitoba CancerCare.

Tournament News

The 2017 WTHL Challenge Cup was a resounding sucess. This year's edition proved to be another exciting event with many breathtaking games during both round robin play and the playoffs. This year's tournament was held once again at the magnificent WTHL Center. The annual Cancer Fundraiser tournament for Manitoba CancerCare held by the WTHL was a tournament for the ages. With 2 overtime games in the single elimination playoff round, the excitement came to an eruption by the end of the tournament. The 6th edition of the WTHL Challenge Cup finals was between WTHL Original Six members Sal Capizzi who defeated Zachary Mesman in the finals making it a three peat and capturing his 3nd straight WTHL Challenge Cup trophy. Also, 3rd place went to Tony Capizzi with his victory over Jeff Langelier while Jay Cesmysruk captured 5th place. The WTHL would like to thank all their sponsors for their support of the 2017 WTHL Challenge Cup. Preparations are already underway for the 2018 WTHL Challenge Cup to be held on April 22, 2018. Stay tuned here for more information on the 7th edition of the WTHL Challenge Cup.


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